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Thom - Guitar/Vocals, Megan - Vocals, Russel - Guitar/Vocals, Justin - Drums


My Broken Phone is an incredibly quiet, gorgeous band, led by all four of its members. Singer/Guitarist Russell Marzullo belts out vocal stylings that reflect both the sensitivity of Adam Duritz and the power of Henry Rollins. Singer/Guitarist/Organist Thom Lynch (kindness, yellow snowmen) spills his heart out in each song he sings, believing only in the strength of his bandmates. Vocalist Megan Lynch keeps this band together, providing her beautiful voice, similar to no other, but influenced by bands such as Low and artists such as Tori Amos. Drummer/Bassist Justin Lapiana gives only the phatest beats, making the groove essential to the bands morale. Their debut release, Goodnight, Friend, is getting good reviews by those who listen, and is destined to be an album that will mean something to you. Listen to it while your writing her letters. You know what i mean.