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Thom Lynch - vocals/guitar, Chris Otepka - drums/keyboards, Pat Richards - bass


Kindness is a rock band. They are pretty neat, and influenced by the likes of pavement, weezer, and built to spill. Vocalist/Guitarist Thom Lynch writes songs full of emotion and feelings, two things that we all need to have to acknowledge the power of summer and fall. Kindness is held together by bassist Pat Richards (of Heligoats) and drummer Chris Otepka (of Troubled Hubble, Yellow Snowmen), two masters of rock who play there instruments like rabbits controlling the universe. Kindness' first release, The Moon Album, was released in December of 2000, and displays the band's strength of storytelling. Their second release, an ep entitled Underwater...under the water, explored their quiet side, offering up five sensitive songs of self-deprecation and insomnia. Fun stuff!!! This indie rock will explode your face!!!