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Chris - vocals/drums, Pat - bass/vocals, Eric - vocals/guitar


You stay here I'll go get help started in the early, post-modern, bronze era, when Posturepedic Matresses were introduced to the Espaldopithicus species, and a gnu man was formed. Several trips to the basement, and part time work as Pelican Herders had Chris and Ralph recording like bosshogs. Needless to say beautiful music was created. and Pat put a baby duck on his head and skanked like a cannery worker, so he immediately was drafted into the band. When pat dated a flock of Buzzards for a year, live performances by YSHIGGH had to be filled in by Dr. Windpants (of troubled hubble) on Bass guitar. Shows were live, crazy, and live. New songs have been recorded by Ralph, Chris, and Pat, and will be released shortly. email TMS for more info. The word on the Street is Ralph is moving home from St. Louis, so the YSHIGGH egg may burst open again with their presence as eagerly chipped by a tiny baby albatross's egg tooth. well there you go.