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Cassette Caverns
CDR - $6 ppd.

Cowboy Traveling On The Dusty Prairie
Sigmund Frued Has A Few Questions For You
Dollar For Gas; If Your Money Works
Tired Out Brain, Eyes Burning Out
Bird Sings In A Locked Up Cage
Class Structure Is Your Big Break
Baseball Tracks Your Cheap Tracks
Prairie Girl In The States of The Wheat Fields
Lighting, Thunder, And All These Nightly Sounds
Eyes Are Closed Sometimes When It's Bright
Knight's Tale Ends In Misery Over His Bride
Crowded Streets Leave You Wondering
It's A Shame That You Gotta Be So Lame
Socialite's Heart Hurts From Disturbing Jerk
Garbage Peoples' Distinction Of Fun
Church Appeal Goes A Long Way
Gotta Find Me A Place To Live
Somebody Said The Grass Is Greener Over There
Think About What's Best For You And Your Family
Riot, March, And Tension
Grade School Rituals And Expections
Apartment Complex Brings Joy To You And Me
Sad Sighs From The Broom Closet
She's Everything To Me; She's A Girl
Put The Microphone On Check
Looking For A Girl On The Prairie
Broken Telescope From The Thing Called Love
Stealing Money But Remembering Me
Shining Beam Of Optimisum In Your Face
Story Of The Greedy Witch Giving Food To Strangers
Books To Read And Write About Eventually
Country Bluegrass Graces The Shady Porches Of America
Same Ol', Same Ol', Rodeo, Rodeo
Guitar Licks From The Great Guitar Virtuoso
Vigil For All Our Fallen Leaders
God Came Down From Heaven

Rich puttin' down acoustic on a 1980's Electric Notebook. Doin' songs only Dylon dreamed about...yeah right. Anyway, a day in the life of Rich sittin' in his room recording songs that came to his head. Undedited, unmistakinly true.