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Q: What does the magic spot mean?
A: It's the place where you feel the most comfortable creating music let alone any kind of art. When I sat down to record an album or just play guitar in my bedroom i knew that I could access my magic spot. It is not only a singular place, it travels with you all the time, it's always there.
Q: How do you put albums out?
A: We try to get short runs out then sell them as so. We've had orders undelivered and that is illegal, so we can say sorry, but we'd rather write them back and say it's on the way, hopefully.
Q: How long could you get away with that?
A: A few months. (Just kidding)
Q: Where do you get off being a label anyway?
A: We feel that the bands and albums they make are worth our time and yours. they are reasonable enough to listen to and support. Their music style is home recording to studio wizardry. Their friendly too.
Q: Who is Rich Szczepanski?
A: Rich is a 2 time class clown champion of grade and high school who wants to fill the void in him that music replenishes. He is a friendly person and know how to dance.
Q: Who is in charge of the newsletter, website, promotions, mail order and other things?
A: Joe is web master, Chris is Newsletter, Tony is web updater, Ben is mail order, Dave is promotions, and Rich is the owner. Further inquire to these department through the contact button.
Q: How can I try to be on magic spot?
A: Send a demo to us and we will process it through the state-of-the-art data bank of possible and not. Please don't fear to send us some of your stuff, let alone any of it. This is a great thing: music, let's share it and work together. Hopefully we could direct it somewhere better.
Q: Are you seriously a label?
A: Yes, we are a real label, but I still don't think you believe us, so let's pretend.