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Swimmer Missing new project from Kindness frontman Thom Lynch!

The Mascots are a Chicago choatic punk rock outfit that has finally released their album on TMS called "Hate You Back"!!!! They have this album for sale at The Mascots Offical Website and through TMS as well!!!! :)

J+J+J has a great website! Everyone please visit it if you can.

The Magic Spot Productions is very happy for Troubled Hubble as they promote their new self-released album "Penturbia" Fall/Winter tour. To order the album or see about them go to their website, or also visit Latest Flame Records Of coarse for Troubled Hubble back catalog visit TMS CATALOG button!!!

Me For Governor have finally, no pun intened released their long awaited EP: Finally A Governor Worth Listening To. Their EP is now ready for the world to own. Check out their website and order their EP through InterPunk!

The e-mail link to sign up to the TMS e-mail newsletter and recieve monthly updates on the goings on from the TMS community is down. Email us at the Contact Button!