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TMS-02 A High School Journal S/T Come On Back
TMS-03 Apple Money S/T Gathering Spot
TMS-19 C.H.E.D. Cheesy Love Songs Jimmy Pop Stole My Pen
TMS-29 C.H.E.D. Infatuation Rock 4 JA
TMS-23 Can We Be Called The Joshua Family? S/T Last Night of Summer
TMS-04 Cassette Caverns S/T Place To Live
TMS-06 Cue Talent S/T Discraced
TMS-52 Division Who Died | A Working Title Regrets
TMS-18 DJ Casio Soundtrack Through Georgia First Day of School
TMS-56 English Softhearts Blue Oyster Quilt I Love You Like Drums
TMS-55 English Softhearts Double Platinum Nothin' Matters 'Cept Ian's Happy
TMS-55 English Softhearts Double Platinum Charttoppers
TMS-58 English Softhearts Post-Nasal Drip Too Much Dopamine
TMS-57 English Softhearts What If It Was The Cramps? Girl Of The North
TMS-10 Forceps of Pain Anatomy of Satan Cannibalistic Idiosyncrasies
TMS-15 Handsome Fellows S/T Hectic Dome
TMS-27 Heligoats Mountains Nothing's as Bad as it Seems
TMS-22 Heligoats S/T Stood There Alone
TMS-01 I Live In A Greenhouse S/T Burnt Out Soul
TMS-$0 I Stole All This S/T Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
TMS-25 Invisible Headphones S/T Price Guide
TMS-26 Kindness The Moon Album In Love
TMS-51 Me For Governor Finally A Governor You Want To Listen To This Weekend
TMS-51 Me For Governor Finally A Governor You Want To Listen To The End
TMS-30 My Broken Phone Goodnight Goodfriend She Knows
TMS-09 Parental Wreckage Misconstrued Thoughts of 3 Generations x 12 I Saw Your Mom Drinking Backstage
TMS-17 Pog Cicero You Feel Nothing Hatful of Seus
TMS-35 Prescription Junkies I Destroy Rain Forests In My Spare Time Wacked Out Funk
TMS-N/A Prescription Junkies Previously Unreleased Curfew
TMS-36 Prescription Junkies She May Look Clean Red Transformer Truck
TMS-07 Sanktuary Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows Recall
TMS-32 Sea & Ocean Usually We'd Say Nothing Trying to Say California
TMS-12 The Eddie Hascals I Got A Big Fat Head Skappa-Pig
TMS-05 The Genuine Article S/T Yr Potential
TMS-22 The Heligoats S/T Phone Was Busy
TMS-14 Tribeman's Demonstrationals 1,2,3 & 4 Molasses Moe's Fault
TMS-16 Tribeman's Demonstrationals Senior Thesis Desconstruction Of Man
TMS-24 Troubled Hubble Slow Plant Entrance I Like Doing the Marquees Better Than Doing The Garbage
TMS-N/A Yellow Snowmen Previously Unreleased Going Out With A Lesbian (Live)
TMS-21 Yellow Snowmen Sugar-Coating the Ant Holocaust Snow Day
TMS-08 You Stay Here I'll Go Get Help S/T Thought You Were Nice
TMS-11 You Stay Here I'll Go Get Help You Stay Here I'll Go Get Jesus Jesus Climbs The Agro-Crag